Payment Processor

Receive payments faster with our built-in online payment processor. Easy to use, avoids double entries, makes the payment process faster, saving you time and money.

Payment Processor

GlassManager's built-in payment processor provides a secure and reliable way to process payments. It allows customers to make payments quickly and easily. Save time and money by reducing the time it takes to complete transactions. Automatically link payments to invoices, generate customer receipts and improve your cash flow.

Easy and Fast Payments

Less time spent on administrative duties. Cut down on time spent by your staff taking payments, reconciling, and keying in information.

  • Receive deposits and payments online instantly.
  • Get payments faster using One System.
  • Boost customer experience with a 24/7 online payment option.
  • Fewer mistakes. Reduces the possibility of human errors.
  • Automatically link payments to related jobs and invoices.
Receiving Deposits and Payments

Receive payments faster with our online payment link.

  • Collect deposits to approve the estimated job, reducing the number of job cancelations.
  • Select the default percentage or amount required upon quote approval.
  • Send payment link by email with an invoice.
Take Payments at the Job Site

Empower your field staff and take payments at the job site. Process payments on any device with a secure method of payment.

  • Field staff can take deposits and payments during their job site visit
  • Process payments on mobiles and tablets. No extra equipment is needed.
  • Office staff receive updates on payments taken on the field immediately
Improved Accounting & Real-time Reporting

Increase productivity with a fully integrated system. Easily collect, link and export payments.

  • Payments built into GlassManager eliminating double entries.
  • Export payments to your accounting system.
  • Keep cash flow data accurate.
  • Up-to-date Invoice Income and Payments Reports.
Match or Beat Processing Fee

Reduce costs associated with processing payments, as there are no additional fees or charges associated with the payment processor.

  • BEAT or MATCH your current provider rates.
  • No monthly minimums. No minimum contract.
  • Sign up now and gain all of the benefits.

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