Job Management

GlassManager provides a consolidated view on every aspect of a job, to increase efficiency and offer total visibility on your business. See project status, assign employees, track hours and review all documents associated with each job.

An all-in-one platform to help you save time and money with a comprehensive workflow. From estimations to invoicing and payments, and everything in between.

All-In-One Platform

GlassManager is with you at every step of the process.

  • Create estimates and quotes
  • Transform estimates into projects or work orders
  • Generate purchase orders from the job materials
  • Schedule and assign tasks to complete projects and orders
  • Create invoices for customers from the job
  • Receive and record payments
  • Multiple job types including: Standard, Progress Billing, Progress Billing with Holdback or Retainage, AIA Projects
Integrated Workflow

Easy carry over of data across one workflow item to the next. Avoid having to retype all information.

  • Automatic customer and material information transfer from the beginning to the end of the sale
  • Profitability section included for work orders and projects
  • Easy link access to related jobs, invoices and payments
  • Track tasks hours and create automatic timesheets

Evaluate your profitability on jobs.

  • Review job profitability based on actual and estimated costs
  • Create automatic graphs from job materials
  • Examine profitability reports for projects

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