Glass Estimating & Quote Software

With GlassManager, it is fast and easy to create and send glass quotes to your customers. Simply select and enter pre-defined materials and templates, send emails and attachments from the glass software and allow online access to estimates for your customers, where they can review, approve and even make deposits at anytime from any device.

Fast & Flexible Glass Estimating

Descriptions of materials and services can be saved and repeatedly used to create consistency among staff from one quote to the next.

  • Edit estimates at any time
  • Prepare accurate glass estimates and professional quotes quickly using pre-defined materials
  • Access customized templates for different jobs
  • Group materials for better job organization
  • Give different material options and packages for customers to choose from
  • Build Items with multiple materials
Online Approval

Customers can have access to an online estimate, to approve quotes from any device.

  • Receive estimate approval and notifications within seconds from the online page
  • Request digital signatures online from customers
  • Include required deposits before estimates can be accepted
  • Accept credit card payments online
Email Estimates

Send glass quotes over email.

  • Send quotes using the build in email for easier communication
  • Attach documents, files, images or drawings
  • Send link to online estimate for customer to approve

Add and create different documents to your quotes inside GlassManager without having to use another program.

  • Include or generate word processor files within the system
  • Include or generate spreadsheets within the system
  • Create drawings online with predefined shapes for the job
  • Merge PDF documents into a single file and request client signatures
  • Add notes about the job for field staff

Any of these documents can be attached to an email or displayed on the online estimate page.

PDF Options

Make use of diverse PDF options for different situations.

  • Display all items or only selected items
  • Show items with or without prices for different recipients
  • Add customized estimate notes and terms and conditions
Extra Features

You can also do the following when creating an estimate in GlassManager:

  • Create tasks for pre-site inspection and quoting
  • Keep track of the time spent during the estimate phase of your job
  • Record different vendor quotes and prices for materials
  • Automatically transfer client information to a Work Order or Project once the estimate is approved

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