SMS Messaging

Make it easy for your customers and staff to communicate by SMS text message. Set yourself apart by using the latest technologies to connect and keep your customers engaged. Clients can request quotes, confirm or cancel appointments, send pictures, communicate effectively and provide details about projects from the comfort of their cell phones. Employees in the office or on the field can reach out to clients and provide updates.

Stay Connected to Customers
  • Promote your unique phone number so clients can text you from the comfort of their cellphone
  • Streamline your sales team communication with customers
  • Beat the competition by sending and receiving quotes and updates faster by text messages
  • Keep all the information and communication between you and your client in one place
2-Way SMS Chat
  • Easy-to-operate 2-way messaging chat box to keep conversations organized, controlled by the company
  • Create estimates, jobs and invoices directly from chat
  • Send and receive pictures and documents for different jobs
  • Easily accessible to authorized employees to see and understand what phase the job is on
  • Follow up with customers on appointments, with accessible documents and quick link to job tasks
Send Automatic Task Reminders
  • Send notifications to customers about scheduled jobs
  • Schedule SMS Message to be sent automatically at your designated time and date
  • Send SMS and emails to multiple Contacts
  • Easily access phone numbers from the contact list
Manage task reminders sent through GlassManager
  • Create message templates
  • Save the preferred reminder method under the customer profile
  • Have a history log of all SMS sent

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