Vendor & Purchase Order

Setup details and generate a comprehensive list of all the vendors you work with. Create single orders, or select items from your job to instantly create and attach purchase orders to projects, work orders and tasks.

Vendor Profile
  • Save detailed suppliers’ information, including different contacts and locations
  • Include different vendor terms for purchases
  • Save notes, and documents about your providers
  • Keep track of your orders by supplier
  • Record received orders
Quick and Efficient Material Ordering

Avoid re-entering information for supplies or vendors when you order materials for your jobs.

  • Select job materials to order, or create new purchases
  • Automatic vendor information transfer to purchase orders and vendor invoices
  • Instant creation of orders from multiple suppliers
  • Easy link access to related jobs and vendor invoices
  • Send purchase orders directly to suppliers using the integrated email tool
  • Create and attach document specifications and drawings of your materials
Manage Purchases

Have handy information about the materials you need for your jobs.

  • Record fully or partially received materials
  • Save supplier quote prices
  • Create vendor invoices of ordered items
  • Reorder all or specific supplies from previous orders
  • Register shipment information including shipping and delivery dates and FOB points
  • Attach orders to projects, work orders and tasks

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